2020 Olympic medals will be made from processed gadgets

The OI-2020 organizing committee reported that medals for the winners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be made … from gadgets submitted to the processing.

The initiative was already supported by public representatives, some companies, a number of Japanese and foreign athletes, and the municipal authorities have already managed to collect about 50,000 tons of electronics waste, where, in particular, more than 5 million were included. unused phones sold to NTT Docomo stores.

The collection points were also opened in post offices and other public buildings. As a result, by June 2018, 2700 kg of bronze were collected, and by October —93.7 % of the required 30.3 kg of gold and 85.4 % —from 4100 kg of silver.

The collection of “Olympic” metals continues. The OI-2020 organizing committee is convinced that the campaign will successfully end by March 31, and the finished medals will be released this summer.

Gadget processing

Source &#8212 The Verge

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