20th Century Fox will make a movie on the card game Magic: The Gathering

20th Century Fox plans to turn Magic: The Gathering into a movie of scale «The Lord of the Rings» And «Harry Potter». To carry out such an ambitious idea, the company attracted to the work of Simon Kinberg, who wrote scripts for films «Teleport», «Sherlock Holmes» 2009, as well as a series of films «X -Men». The President of Wizards of the Coast Greg Leeds, Hasbro Brian Goldner leaders and Stephen Davis will also participate in the production of the picture.

Magic: The Gathering is a series of card games in which users fight using the deck of cards with creatures and spells. MTG multiverse is spelled out in very detail, so adapt it for the needs of a full -length film — The idea is very intragrigating.


  • The Hollywood Reporter

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