Segway introduced an ultra-futuristic hydrogen motorcycle Apex H2

“Daughter” Xiaomi-Segway-Ninebot announced the creation of a futuristic sports motorcycle on APEX H2 hydrogen elements. Its predecessor APEX was developed in 2019 and was a very clumsy electric scooter with the fairings of a sports woman, which developed up to 200 km/h.

In contrast, APEX H2 is equipped with a hydrogen and electrical power plant operating on a gaseous hydrogen. This means an important detail: from the exhaust hole located in front of the rear wheel, ordinary water vapor comes out.

Segway Apex H2

Today it is known that APEX H2 has a power of 60 kW, which corresponds to 80 liters. With., and he can develop a speed of 150 km/h. Up to 100 km/h, it accelerates in 5 seconds.

An unusual, almost fantastic design has become possible due to the lack of suspension forks, which is why wheels with LED lighting seemed to be soared in the air. So far, nothing is known about the size of the tank and the range.

Segway launches a crowdfunding campaign, the purpose of which is to get a minimum of 99 orders. Retail price of hydrogen bike will be $ 10,700.

Segway Apex H2

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