25,000 people sued Facebook

The lawsuit was filed by Vienna Court with a group of Austrian Internet activists. The total number of plaintiffs is 25,000 people, each of whom requires $ 540 from the company, thus, in case of losing loss of Facebook you have to pay $ 9 million.

Frank May/DPA/Corbis

Frank May/DPA/Corbis

Activists accuse the social network of aiding the US National Security Agency (NSA) in illegal surveillance of users. Other accusations are: violation of privacy policy, illegal collection and transfer of user data, monitoring user activity on the site.

«We demand from Facebook stop mass surveillance of users, respect the conditions of confidentiality and stop the illegal data collection», — said the leader of the activists Max Schrems (Max Schrems).

In the case of an unfavorable outcome of the Facebook case may encounter a whole shaft of similar claims. For example, individual court claims against the company have already been filed in Ireland. Facebook activities In the field of user data confidentiality, it attracted the attention of some European regulators.

Representatives of Facebook refused to comment on the details of the trial.


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