24 “IPS-monitor NEC Multisync EA244WMI with WUXGA

NEC expanded the assortment of its LCD displays of the Multisync family due to the release of the 24-inch new EA244WMI new item available in black or white.

The model is built on an IPS panel with LED backlight and is characterized by a 1920 x 1200 pixel WUXGA resolution, a response time of 6 ms, a brightness of 350 kD/m2, contrast 25,000: 1, as well as the 178-degree viewing angle in both planes. The maximum power consumption is 41 watts (in the ECOMODE energy -saving mode, this indicator is reduced to 16 watts). The monitor is equipped with mounted stereodins with a capacity of 2 watts each. Communication capabilities are represented by DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI and D-Sube interfaces. The stand supplied in the kit is adjustable in height and allows you to rotate the screen, as well as change the angle of its inclination.

The product described above will go on sale in Japan in mid -January 2013. The question of its price is still open.


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