2DO: Tasks Done in Style. Stylish notes App Store + HD

The application is an advanced planner of tasks and is subject to 7 American dollars. The amount is rather big, but then you will understand that the program is worth it. The entire list of cases and tasks is on a vertical list, which is divided into several parts of the light: all, today, worker, personal, completed and, of course, birthdays. All these points can be changed by the user in the settings, you can also add new ones, rename the old ones and arrange them as the soul wants. There are four icons in the lower dock. The task with the list of all cases, Nearby, which will display the notes closest at the place of execution, at which you put down the location and two very interesting points – synchronization and settings.

Genre: Planner
Developer/Publisher: Guided Ways Technologies
Version: 2.4.3
Price: $ 6.99
Download: iTunes

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