2K Games hint at news about the Bioshock series

2Kinternational account published two notes, each of which has an advertising poster from the original Bioshock. It could also be seen on one of the multiplayer cards in the sequel. The first tweet calls readers to discuss the posted picture, the second asks: «What can this mean?».

Three options for the development of events are possible. More or less believable — Returning the entire trilogy on the consoles of the current generation. Games of the BIOSHOCK series are considered one of the best on PS3 and Xbox 360, and therefore many fans would be happy to see them on PS4 and Xbox One. It is also possible that the announcement of a completely new game for new consoles will soon take place, since 2K representatives have repeatedly announced the further continuation of the brand support. Finally, the third option, which is the least likely, — Announcement of the long -suffering Bioshock for PS Vita.


  • Gamespot

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