2Dark developers removed Denuvo protection

One fact gives the special weight of this news: the fact is that 2Dark was the first hacked game, which used the latest version of the mentioned defense. After one hacker group learned to hack Denuvo, and began to do it very quickly, the company created the system released the updated version, which was supposed to hold back the pirates. As you can see — Did not work out. True, it is worth mentioning that at least the latest release of the DRM system was used in 2Dark, it was 32-bit protection. Other projects — Nier: Automata and Dead Riding 4 — Also applied updated protection, but for X64 applications. She has not yet succumbed to crackers.

According to Bigben Interactive, the decision was made not only because of the pirates, but also in response to the wishes of the players. «Based on recent events and a huge number of community reviews that we received regarding the use of Denuvo in 2Dark, we decided to remove it», — the publishing house. It is also curious that during the collection of funds in the Ulule system, the authors promised that there would be no additional protection in the game and it would be distributed, including at the sites of GOG and Desura. Violation of that promise also caused a lot of negative responses by the players.


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