Acronis has released a new version of the decision to protect True Image 2018 data

Acronis True Image 2018 provides the necessary tools to restore the performance of computing devices in case of data loss, random deletion of important files and folders or a complete failure of the system disk. The program allows you to create accurate chosen backups of disks, copies of the operating system, applications, user settings and all available data, as well as reliably destroy all confidential information that has become unnecessary. The application supports various backup methods (full, incremental, differential), allows you to store backups in a protected cloud storage of Acronis Cloud, includes the function of automatic preservation of changes that occurred in the system and files, data from one computer to another, as well as from Android, as well as from Androidon iOS and vice versa.

The new version of Acronis True Image has received a modified Active Protection 2 protection system.0, which recognizes atypical models of application behavior in Windows and MacOS when accessing files and neutralizing attacks of ceremony programs. Now Active Protection to identify anomalies in the operation of system processes uses not only heuristic mechanisms, but also additional functions, such as analysis of data entropy, protection from introducing malicious software into trusted processes, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies based on neural networks. If some files were encrypted or damaged during the attack of the Mount Program, Acronis True Image 2018 automatically restores them from backup copies.

Special attention to the developers of the new product was paid to the expansion of opportunities to solve the problems of backup and recovery data. In True Image 2018, an active disk cloning tools appeared, an updated master of creating loading media, the functions of continuous backup in the cloud storage and means of converting backups of the system images into virtual disks of VHDX format. It is also reported about the improvement of the user interface, accelerate the mechanisms of incremental backup, expand the functionality for users of Mac and mobile devices, add automatic backup tools from mobile gadgets to NAS devices and include backup tools and recovery instruments of instagram profiles.

Acronis True Image 2018 is supplied in the editorial offices of Standard, Advanced and Premium, which are spread out of licensing features and a set of supported functions (see. The above table).

Buy Acronis True Image 2018 and you can get additional information about the product on Acronis.COM/Personal/Computer-Backup.



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