2k Games voiced the exact date of the Civilization Strategy: Beyond Earth

The game developed by Firaxis Games will continue the most popular series of global step -by -step strategies «Civilization». True, unlike previous games of the series, it will not be based on the past of humanity, but on its future, in which people will go to colonize distant planets. That is, the closest is Beond Earth to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Actually, the developers just position the project as the spiritual heir to the same 1999 game.

Civilization: Beyond Earth belongs to the 4x strategies genre (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate), that is «Explore, expand, operate, destroy». We will have to develop technologies, capture and explore vast territories, fight, trade, communicate with neighbors and, of course, fight alien creatures. By the way, in this game, development will begin even before the landing in a foreign world. Various factors will influence your faction: from the choice of the expedition sponsor to the selection of a spaceship and crew.

In general, if you are ready to study and colonize other planets, it makes sense to place a preliminary order for the game, because for this you will get a set of Exoplanets Map Pack for free. It will include six unique maps — Kepler 186f, Rigil Khantoris BB, Tau Ceti D, Mu Arae F, 82 Eridani E and ETA VULPECulae B — each of which was inspired by a real exoplanet.


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