American students have created Signaloud gloves that recognize the language of gestures

Language of gestures — a method of communication that is used to communicate with each other deaf -mute people. For a simple person who is not familiar with the meaning of certain movements with his hands, an attempt to understand «interlocutor» In this case, most often ends in failure. The invention of students from Washington University is ready to fix the situation.

Thomas Pryor, along with Navid Azodi), managed to create electronic gloves and write software under them that can turn the language of gestures into the usual -time language mode — Oral speech. Therefore, the problem is in communications with those who, from birth or due to the fault of the disease, will lose hearing (and as a result — and the ability to talk) can be solved on the spot using the designed device.


Built -in gloves, called Signaloud, sensors fix the current position of the fingers, wrists and hands, passing all the taken testimonies on the Bluetooth to PC. Then, special software comes into operation, the task of which is to decipher the received data for their subsequent transformation into words through a speech synthesizer.

At this stage, the device works in tandem only with a computer, however, the plans of the authors of the project to release a similar application for smartphones/tablets to make gloves for a truly mobile means of communication without reference to the place.

As for the search for a method for the commercial implementation of the described, while Signaloud exist in the form of a prototype and is unlikely to be available for acquisition in the next year despite all the prospects of the concept itself and the demand for a technological accessory.



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