32-inch multi-speaking terminal under the control of Android

SKR has developed a prototype of a 32-inch multi-speaking system operating Android. At the moment, it is just a large -format display with a touch panel connected to an electronic platform on which a mobile OS is launched, while the picture is withdrawn in the Full HD resolution.

SKR specializes in the manufacture of electronic advertising structures, and when individual customers ordered multimsenoric terminals from «functionality of smartphones», The company offered them systems under Windows 7, but it was not quite what customers wanted. Customers wanted clear and smooth movements on the screen, as on smartphones, only with large -format displays. However, when SKR engineers turned to manufacturers, it was found that the equipment did not support Android OS, and the work got up. Then the company’s specialists had to build such a system on their own.

They themselves developed devices for Android to implement the image output to large -format sensory panels. At the moment, several versions of such screens with diagonals of 23, 32 and 46 inches are being prepared for the release at once. The release of commercial versions is scheduled for September this year. The prototype looks rather slurred, but in the near future the panels will receive standard buildings. The displays can be oriented both horizontally and vertically, but one of the most important advantages is to support a wide range of applications under Android.


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