Details of the Arsenal of the player and the fight with a rock hunter in the new DOOM Eternal gameplay rollers

According to the director of the game Hugo Martin, every type of weapon has its own purpose: the superbond is invincible at a short distance, the plasma rifle is perfect for deactivation of enemy shields and so on.

Modifications «trunks» It should also be used wisely: the sight of the assault rifle allows you to shoot the vulnerable points of the demons, while the microoprates can neither this nor temporarily interrupt the attack of the enemy.

As for the special types of weapons (in particular, BFG), in some fights in the later stages of the game, developers will deliberately force the user to spend «One of the warheads».

The Kuakecon 2019 Mini-Boss, announced and shown within the framework of the festival, is a horned demon torso on a flying platform: in one hand by the monster — machine gun, instead of another — A pair of chainsaws.

As the developers advise, first of all, it is better to shoot a monster either (it is restored in a few seconds), or the mentioned platform.

Having received sufficient damage, the rock hunter gets off the platform and switches to his own mini-engineers: judging by the video, two aimed volley from the rocket lalet are able to send the demon to a knockdown.

Previously, the leading programmer DOOM Eternal engine Billy Kahn in an interview with IGN spoke about the features of the technology. Among its advantages: a high degree of scalability and a sight for the future.

Doom Eternal will be released on March 20 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and in the cloud service of Google Stadia, and on Nintendo Switch will appear later. Despite the delay, the version for the hybrid console is already «Stunning» developers.

The ID Software promise that they will not throw Doom Eternal shortly after the premiere, as it was with DOOM (2016): the studio plans to provide a hot shooter with a comprehensive shooting support.


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