Microsoft, Google and other companies intend to sue the authors of Adblock Plus

According to L’Echos, the local advertising company French Internet Adverting Bureau and Geste content creation may also take part in the process. The latter published a statement that says: «We will continue consultations with lawyers on this issue, at the moment no action is planned».

The essence of the claim is not that Adblock provides users with the opportunity to block advertising when viewing web pages, and in the new marketing policy of developers. The advertiser can turn to the Adblock Plus service administration and, for a certain amount of money, unlock access to its bathrooms if they are recognized as unobtrusive.

«We belong to a narrow number of blocks that provide publishers with a practical solution. This is a compromise that deserves the right to exist, and we are always open to dialogue», — Ben Williams commented on the current situation, a representative of a product developers group.

Software blocking annoying and dangerous advertising is actively gaining popularity among Internet users. However, online portals that exist only at the expense of advertising are called the same in harmful and destructive for the global network.

About when and in what authority the court claim will be filed is still unknown. Perhaps Internet giants will first try to influence the legislation in France, having agreed with local deputies, in order to have more legal rights to put pressure on the creators of Adblock Plus.


  • AFP

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