“Classmates” introduce augmented reality technology

Recall that AR systems allow you to see the surrounding space with imposition on real objects of additional information generated by a computer. In addition, against the background of real space, various virtual models can be displayed with which the user can interact.

When «Classmates» To use the functions of augmented reality, a personal computer and a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the installed application of the social network will be required. After activating AR mode in a mobile client, the user will need to put the camera of his gadget on the PC screen with a page opened in the browser «Classmates». As a result, on the screen of a mobile device, you can see how some elements of the social network «come to life».

Mail.Ru Group

Mail.Ru Group

Augmented reality technology, according to market participants, will allow «Classmates» implement new interactive and game capabilities, thereby raising the popularity of the mobile version of the service. In addition, AR functions are likely to interest marketers and advertisers.


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