A panel of a solar battery has been developed that can radiate light

As a rule, the material used to convert sunlight into energy does not know how to radiate light. However, scientists managed to detect a substance capable of doing this. And that means that in the future there will be displays for smartphones and tablets that can not only show the image, but also generate energy from sunlight.

Developed by scientists of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the new solar element is made of material Perovskite, which not only shines when electricity passes through it, but can also reproduce various colors.

The discovery was made almost by accident, when the physicist of Sumy Zi Chin asked one of his assistants to shine with a laser on a model of perovskite. Since most sunny cell materials absorb light well, the researchers were very surprised when Perovskite was brightly lit up.

Opening a luminous solar panel

Researchers believe that their discovery is important for creating inexpensive and highly effective solar panels in the future. The potential area of the use of new panels can be advertisements that accumulate energy during the day and brightly glowing at night, or any mobile devices with a flat screen.

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