3D printer printing with different materials will create electronic boards

The German startup NEXT DYNAMICS introduced the home 3D printer NEXTD1, working with several types of materials. Among its functions —the ability to print your own electronic boards from conductive polymers.

The main “feature” of the printer is the print head of Digijet. They are in printer 6 and each has 200 nozzles, spraying the smallest droplets of substances on the working surface, which then sins with a UV laser, after which the next layer is applied. The printer prints with a resolution of 10 microns.

Printed clock

NEXTD1 is packed in a cube -shaped case with a size of 42 x 42 x 42 cm. He contains six containers with “ink”, which are mixed depending on the manufactured product. Material options are proposed – durable, transparent, elastic or polymer painted in any color.

However, the most interesting thing is that the printer can work with an electrical wire polymer, which in its composition of nanoparticles, which makes it possible for users to organize the manufacture of standard and even three -dimensional printed circuit boards at home.

Printed scheme

All information about the printer’s work is displayed on a 10-inch touch screen. You can also get remote access from a smartphone via wi-fi.

Currently, there is a collection of 200,000 euros necessary for the launch of serial production on Kickstarter. More than half has already been collected, and there is no doubt that the full amount of the remaining company for 44 days will be collected. The estimated cost of the printer will be 2818 euros complete with the base cartridge and a set of three materials. NEXTD1 sales starts in September 2017.

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