3Doodler toy sets will allow children to create robotic insects and dinosaurs

3Doodler project this year will turn 5 years old. For those who hear about it for the first time: this is a unique and at the same time simple hybrid of an ordinary fountain pen with a 3D printer, where the function of printing ink performs special plastic in the form of sets of multi-colored rods, which are melted at low temperature.

The rod is inserted into the hole in the rear of the handle after which the heating is turned on. In a minute in a softened form, he begins to come out, and then it all depends on the fantasy of the user.

With the help of 3Doodler, you can “draw” a variety of details and create more complex products from them. Plastic freezes after 3-5 seconds. Thanks to the built -in battery, the device is completely autonomous. One charge is enough for an hour of continuous work.

The latest version of 3Doodler – the three -dimensional “Start” handle helps children who already have experience working with it, go to the next level. With its help, children will be able to create insects and dinosaurs from individual parts – legs and bodies. In the collected form, these toys can move.

With the help of Start, young users will acquire skills in physics and engineering. The HEXBUG kit can be purchased already in May for $ 60, STEM Series sets-for $ 20-30, and the Doodlemolds set for $ 15.


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