3-TB HDD iOSAFE Solopro is not afraid of water and fire

IOSAFE specializes in the development of secure drives, which are waterproof and refractory. The other day, the manufacturer added to the line of external hard drives Solopro model a capacity of 3 TB. This volume allows you to store up to 1,500 hours video DVD-quality, up to 45 thousand. hours of digital music or more than 500 thousand. digital images.

Among the features of the novelty, ESATA and USB 3 interfaces are noted.0, which provide an increase in data transfer speeds by 3-4 times compared to USB 2.0-solutions, the ability to withstand data loss at a temperature of about 1550 degrees Fahrenheit (843 degrees Celsius) for up to 30 minutes, as well as the possibility of immersion in water to a depth of more than three meters for three days for three days.

When buying users for 12 months, a standard service for data restoration is provided. The price of the drive is $ 500.


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