4 old games, including Virtua Fighter 2 and Quantum Conundrum, became available on Xbox One

The Costume Quest 2 published in 2014 — Cartoon somewhat absurd RPG from Double Fine, telling about the adventures of children in masquerade costumes that fell into a discharge on the eve of Halloween. They have to save their house from the invasion of the rude, led by a fighter with sweets — crazy dentist named Orel White D.D.S., which threatens to spoil the holiday, leaving children without sweets.

Quantum Conundrum — This is a game-heading game from a designer already classic Portal Kim Swift (KIM SWIFT). Artyom Terekhov in our review put a game, also made in the style of imitation of cartoons, a high rating of 9 out of 10, calling it an original, fresh and exciting puzzle, not trying to imitate Valve dilogy from Valve.

Frontlines: Fuel of War — Not bad for his 2008, although not without the abundance of cranberries, an action movie from Kaos Studios, who became the predecessor of Homefront. The campaign tells about the alternative in the near future, in which Russia and China formed the Union of the Red Star, and the EU along with the United States — Western coalition.

And finally the last game — Surely for many, it will be the most interesting. Virtua Fighter 2 — This is a classic arcadnian fighting wiping of the mid-1990s from the yu suzuki), withstanding the test of time and countless console reprints over the past years.


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