Bracelet LG LifeBand Touch and headphones with a heart rate of Heart Rate will go on sale on May 18

LG Electronics reported that the LifeBand Touch fitness tracker and headphones with a Heart Rate Earphones pulsometer will go on sale in the American market on the upcoming Sunday, May 18. Soon afterwards, they will become available in European and Asian countries.

The LifeBand Touch device is equipped with a sensory display on organic LEDs (OLED) with a diagonal of 0.9 inch and a resolution of 128×32 points. Two sensors serve to relieve indications about physical activity — Three -haired accelerometer and altimeter. Power provides a battery with a capacity of 90 mA·h, the charge of which is claimed to be enough for five days of use.

The bracelet is compatible with mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. To work with the data removed, LG Fitness App or MYFITNESSPAL, RUNKEEPER and MAPMYFITNESS COURSELF application may be used. For the exchange of data with a smartphone or tablet, the Bluetooth 4 wireless connection serves.0.

Bracelet will be available in three length options: 196 mm (XL), 181 mm (L) and 166 mm (M). The weight is 53.1, 50.1 and 49.9 g, respectively.

Heart Rate Earphones headphones are used to remove readings about the heart rate of PerformTek sensor. At the same time, according to LG, high quality audio sound is ensured. They feed on headphones from a battery with a capacity of 200 mA·h, and for transmitting data to the external device is an additional medallion with Bluetooth 3 support.0.

The price of the LifeBand Touch fitness tracker and Heart Rate Earphones have not yet been specified.



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