42 substances unknown to science were found inside the human body

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco report: the new method of analysis revealed many unknown chemical compounds within the human body. It is impossible to say whether they are dangerous or not, because half of the discovered could not identify at all. The only thing the scientists are almost sure of is in the anthropogenic nature of these chemicals, which poses many questions before the chemical industry.

The purpose of the experiment was to verify the new technology for detecting anthropogenic factors and their impact on the reproductive function. The method is based on a combination of liquid quadruple chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry, studies of blood from the uterus and umbilical cords were subjected to studies. Scientists have found 109 unique chemical compounds, of which 55 have never met in the human body. More precisely, before they were simply not noticed.

Most scientists were surprised by 42 chemicals, the origin of which was never found out. They look too complicated and highly specialized to assume their natural origin. According to indirect signs, they resemble substances that are used in dyes, anti -pires and pesticides, but do not play an important role, and therefore are not documented by manufacturers. This is not a strict violation of the rules, due to the small concentrations of these chemicals, but this lack of information makes it difficult to assess their influence on human health.

Scientists called on the authorities and manufacturers to tighten the rules and standards to correct this situation. Because there is an even greater scale – these unknown chemicals are transmitted from pregnant women to children and accumulate inside the body during many generations.

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