Bruce Willis was diagnosed with front-and-seeing dementia

About a year ago, the world learned that Bruce Willis suffers from aphasia – a neurodegenerative disorder that causes problems with a speech. The cult actor has passed several examinations and receives treatment, but his disease progresses. Now doctors have clarified the diagnosis: Willis is fighting with the dementia associated with the work of the front-and-seeing part of the brain-ftd. This is the most common form of dementia in people under the age of 60 (Willis 67). Her treachery is that she can hardly be diagnosed with modern means. Therefore, the disease is much more common than many may think.

Willis’s family helps the actor in every possible way and, instead of isolating from society, decided to be completely open. The disease can hit any person on Earth – therefore, everyone should be aware of it in order to recognize its first signs and avoid such serious consequences that Bruce himself faced with.

The actor all the time defended a position that obliges to openly talk about problems, and not hide them when they begin to touch you personally. According to doctors, in the United States alone, up to 60,000 people are sick FTD, while many do not even suspect that very soon their life can “go under the slope”.

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