4m Retro Wooden Computer: Hal 1000 (10 PICS)

The 4m is Another Retro Wooden Computer from Swedish Artist Love Hultén. Unlike His Earlier Creation Sputnik 0667, Which Was An All-in-On PC, The 4M HAS A MORE Conventional Tower and Monitor Set Up. Hulten Counts Steampunk and Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey as. The Tower’s Front Panel and the Monitor’s Frame are Both Made of Walnut Lumber. The Menacing Red Orb in Front of the 4m Isn’T an Eye, Althrow It Really is a Window to Its Soul. The Bras Window Has a Magnifying Lens that Lets You See the CPU Cooler Inside. I’m Not Sure if the Joystick Controls The Lens or it’s at All Functional. Maybe it Opens A Pod Bay Door Somewhere.

Gallery: 4m Retro Wooden Computer: Hal 1000 (10 PICS)

Source: Technabob

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