5 errors when choosing an IP camera

Video surveillance —One of the most reliable ways to ensure the safety of your apartment, house or site. It is widely used not only for control, but also for the protection of warehouses, construction sites, shops and supermarkets. The modern IP camera allows you to transmit the image in real time not only to the computer, but also to the phone with access to the Internet, and the image quality —Follow the criminal in detail. In addition, a variety of sensors quickly respond to movement in the protected area and include anxiety for the guard or alarm, which allows you to quickly respond to the penetration of attackers.

However, for the correct work of video surveillance, it is necessary to choose the correct components. They should not only unite in one network, but also meet certain standards. Therefore, we will talk about the five most common mistakes that users make when buying an IP camera. This will help not only in advance to decide on the choice, but also to avoid additional expenses for replacing the system.

The picture is not inferior to television

IP cameras are designed for continuous operation for a day without a break for 5 years or more, depending on the model. They continuously record what is happening, or pass it over the network. Therefore, the video camera, even with the best quality, will be significantly conceded with similar domestic, created directly for shooting. Thus, engineers not only achieved the efficiency of devices, but were also able to reduce the cost of their production, making video systems available to all.

IP camera

Therefore, it is worth remembering that professional and observation cameras have a completely different purpose. You can choose them on the site, as well as contact a video surveillance store for the highest quality samples.

The higher the resolution, the better

One of the most important characteristics of the video camera is its details. Even with a low number of personnel per second, the user gets the opportunity to increase the image and consider in detail the recording in order to identify special signs or faces of potential attackers. Thus, a logical decision comes to take a device with a high resolution.

However, detailed is affected not only by resolution —It depends on photosensitivity and other factors. Thus, an increase in resolution while maintaining an old sensor size leads to a decrease in each individual pixel. This, in turn, not only leads to an increase in value, but also does not give any advantages when shooting. Therefore, the most optimal are indicators from 1.3 to 2 megapixels.

High photosensitivity —A sign of quality

This characteristic also often becomes fundamental for the purchase. In addition, it significantly affects the cost, therefore, first of all, you should figure out why an indicator of high photosensitivity should not be the only reason for the purchase:

  • Lack of template. The values of the characteristics are irremovable and differ depending on the manufacturer. One company measures it on the sensor, the other as a whole, and the third exclusively at the facility. Therefore, you should first find out about the features of the assessment;
  • Different matrices cannot be compared. Pictures depends on many factors, which makes it difficult to assess a particular model even for professionals.

Therefore, you do not need to chase high rates in this column. We should carefully study what it means from various manufacturers and buy only those models in which you are sure.

Anti -vandal protection makes the camera invulnerable

Installation of protection on the IP camera —a measure that gives her the opportunity to withstand various loads. For example, temperature differences, rains, frosts and snow, as well as strong wind. A specialized cover against vandals is aimed at counteracting the intentionally disabled device.

However, you do not need to think that the camera becomes immune to physical exertion. She can withstand blows and prevent dismantling, but a strong load will nevertheless disable it. The task of protection is not to save the device intact, but to win enough time to shoot the faces of criminals.

The best way to protect the video camera is not a shock -resistant cover, but its successful location at a height or in an inconspicuous place, inaccessible to outsiders.

Infrared backlighting range increases clarity

Most of the crimes are committed under the cover of the night, so the infrared shooting —necessary functionality of any protection system. However, it has a limited range of action and cannot recognize objects outside. The solution was to increase the range due to the collimator lens.

But its application leads to some problems. First of all, the lens greatly reduces the viewing angle, hiding what is happening at the object. The frame will also be lit, which, in turn, reduces information content and, as a result, security. It is necessary to use transfocardium backlight, which is deprived of these deficiencies.

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