5 functions that are absent in the iPhone, but are in any Android

5 functions that are absent in the iPhone, but are in any Android

I don’t know how it happened, but Apple clearly turned from a technological company into a religious cult. This religion has its own saint, temples in the form of Apple Store shops around the world and icons in the person of the iPhone and iPad, for which the adherents of the teachings are customary to pray. And although it is somehow not accepted to doubt the values of these icons, but we will still try, at the risk of causing the wrath of fanatics, to tease a little gilding. Here you have as many as five in demand, which are inaccessible to the owners of the iPhone, but there are even in the cheapest Chinese Android.
In order to expand to infinity, the field of comparison, we will not consider Gikovsky tricks in the form of Jailbreak, Root, custom firmware and other things. Only conventional factory installations, ordinary programs and the simplest functions.

1. Wallpaper

Even such a simple detail as the background image of the desktop has a space for creativity in Android. You can indicate which part of the picture to use as wallpapers, as well as choose a beautiful scroll effect in which your wallpaper will move smoothly when crossing between the screens. In addition, Android offers the use of living animated wallpaper. With their help, you can significantly revive and decorate your phone, forcing him to play by highlights of underwater life, shadows of wild forest or just overflowing abstract animation.

2. Home screen and widgets

The iPhone home screen is one of the most significant functions of the iOS platform – large icons in a 4 × 4 grid (4 × 5 in iPhone 5) and four buttons in the lower panel for frequently used applications. In addition to changing the wallpaper and changing the order of icons, there is nothing more that the iPhone user could do to change this type. What a boredom ..

For the holder of Android, the home screen is a digital canvas, on which he draws his idea of an ideal mobile interface with wide strokes. Various widgets, hours, weather informers, contacts, icons, folders – all this can be organized in the way that it is convenient for the user of this device. We have already written about impressive examples of user desktops in this article.

5 functions that are absent in the iPhone, but are in any Android

3. Default applications

The iPhone has wonderful default programs, but there is no perfection, as you know, if you want to change, for example, a browser on Google Chrome, then you just can’t work out for you. The same applies to other programs.

In Android, you can assign your favorite application for any action. Open music in the most convenient player for you, use archives for unpacking files, replace the standard image gallery, install a more functional camera and so on. Complete freedom and indulgence of user tastes.

4. Keyboard

If you don’t like the iPhone keyboard, then you are not lucky. But I have to endure, nothing can be done – faith requires humility. At the same time, satisfied Android users choose between dozens of different paid and completely free keyboards using various input technologies and prediction algorithms. This allows you to choose exactly the method of working with the text that is convenient for you, and not the creators and designers of the device.

5 functions that are absent in the iPhone, but are in any Android

5. Lunches

They tried very hard to go to Google and achieved a really beautiful, convenient and modern type of their mobile operating system by the release of the fourth version. But if you are bored, you can always try something new with one of dozens of available launches for Android. With their help, you can radically change not only the appearance, but also the behavior of your gadget. You can change the icons, the number of desktops, add or remove the launch panels, configure the phone reaction to touch and events and much more. The field for experiments is simply huge, it is a pity that the iPhone users are devoid of all this.

Of course, the list of capabilities of the Android mobile system, which iPhone owners can only dream, is far from limited to these points and you can easily continue in the comments…

Source: Lifehacker

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