“Daughter” Jaguar Land Rover provided Lyft $ 25 million for the development of autonomous cars

The largest car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover said on Monday that his subsidiary Inmotion Ventures would invest $ 25 million in the Lyft taxi service to help him in the development and testing of technologies for self -governing cars.

The automotive industry and technological companies are now actively participating in the development of autonomous driving technologies, which, as expected, will significantly change the transport industry in the coming years due to the reduction of the costs of passenger delivery services, as well as a change in the method of purchase and use of cars.

The car manufacturer said that in addition to financial support, Inmotion will also provide Lyft with the Jaguar and Land Rover car fleet. The number of cars provided by the service is not indicated.

It is also reported that as part of the transaction, the automaker will be given the opportunity to test his cars in the Lyft service. It is known that for testing self-governing cars Jaguar Land Rover uses a section of the road with a length of 44 miles near the headquarters in Coventry.



Earlier, Inmotion has sown financing to the SPLT carpulting service from Detroit, with which Lyft cooperates in the provision of transport services for not requiring urgent medicine intervention.


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  • The Verge

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