6 ways to effectively dispose of old electronics

Millions of tons of electronic garbage are sent annually to landfills – which has served (or just a little battered) electronic equipment. It is extremely difficult and expensive to process, so it is simply thrown away. In Asia and Africa, whole artificial mountains from old electronics already exist, and new ones appear every year. In such conditions, everyone is obliged to learn the principles that will reduce the number of such electronic landfills.

1. Do not throw your electronics, but sell or rent

Xbox for rent

Such a service for renting photographic equipment and any other electronics, and indeed things, offers, for example, NEXT2U. The company’s Internet platform contains more than 20 thousand offers for renting a variety of items, from mobile phones to game consoles and quadrocopter. Even if you need your electronics more, it may well come in handy for someone else. Be sure to use this opportunity to extend the life of your things.

2. Use the old smartphone as a GPS device

Most users change phones almost every year with the advent of a newer model. Instead of throwing an old gadget (this is the worst solution of all possible), find him another application. It can be kept in the car as a GPS navigator or music player, use it as a control panel or station to control surveillance cameras.

3. Dispose of garbage by suppliers

Large retailers and brands offer their own programs for the collection and disposal of electronic garbage. They take computers, cell phones, TVs and much more in processing. Carefully study such proposals for suppliers in your city (and several closest ones).

4. Study the principles of utilization of hazardous waste

The disposal of kinescopes

In every modern city there are centers that accept dangerous waste for processing, which cannot be thrown away with ordinary garbage. These include, for example, batteries and mercury lamps. Study the policy of such centers in your city – they often specialize in specific types of waste.

5. Buy a technique that has an Energy Star certificate

The International Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains the Energy Star program, within the framework of which it provides discounts for those who process old electronics and buy new models with the corresponding certificate. Electronics with Energy Star is not only more environmentally friendly, but also consumes less energy – that is, it allows you to save on electricity accounts. Try to always choose a technique with an Energy Star label.

6. Consume as little as possible

This is the most important principle of all. The creation of each electronic device goes to many valuable non -reinforced resources and materials. Therefore, it is very important to use any gadgets until they finally fail and become unsuitable for repair. Otherwise, it will be a waste of resources, the supply of which on our planet is extremely limited.

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