60-second videos appeared on Instagram

At first, only advertisers could be published in a minute in a minute. The very opportunity to upload videos on Instagram appeared about three years ago — Then the general director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that this is just the beginning. Then on 15-second videos it was possible to apply one of 13 filters.

Since then on Instagram There are more filters for the video, as well as the ability to slow down the videos. Under the publications with the video began to appear views of views — Now you can see not only the number «Likes». Also in October Instagram I launched a video channel like Moments from Twitter, which displays supervised records and pictures of users from various events.

The 15-second limit hinted that the user should state his impressions in a rather compressed form. But now, when there is an opportunity to publish 60-second videos, anyone can tell a whole small story.


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