6 functions of a computer mouse, which not everyone knows about

6 functions of a computer mouse, which not everyone knows about

It turns out that such a familiar thing as a computer mouse can be used not quite familiar ways, performing useful actions with its help. Perhaps you know not about all these “secrets”.

1. Selection of a fragment in the text
To select part of the text, click the mouse at the beginning of the right place, and then go to where the released fragment ends, and click again, while pressing the Shift key.

2. Transitions back and forth in the browser
To switch in the browser to the previous (or next) page, you can not click on the buttons on the upper toolbar of the tools, but pinch the Shift key and scroll the mouse wheel forward or backward. (Works in Firefox. For Chrome, you need to put the Chrome Toolbox or Chrome Plus plugin

3. Increase and decrease in scale
To change the scale of display of the open page, click the Ctrl key on the keyboard and twist the mouse wheel.

4. Highlighting one word and one paragraph
To select some word in the text, you need to quickly click on it twice. To select a paragraph in the text – you just need to perform a triple click with a mouse.

5. The choice of several fragments in the text
To select several separate fragments in the text – words, sentences, paragraphs – you need to highlight them with a pressed Ctrl key.

6. Opening links in the new tab
To open a link in a new tab, you can click on it by pressing the mouse wheel. However, if this method does not work, there is another: just click, as usual, with the left mouse button to the link, while clamping the Ctrl key.

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