“Drones-policemen” will be able to shoot aimedly with paint and spray tear gas

Modern drones know how, if not everything, then a lot. The last announced models of such devices on remote control will be able to move simultaneously both by air, so by land and water. Some drones, such as Parrot mini-devices, are even equipped with wheels with the ability to jump and overcome obstacles. Due to the sharply increased popularity «drones» Kickstarter even appeared a unique system «Anti-Dron», which fixes and immediately notify its owner of the approach of someone else’s device, which has no right to make video near your private property, invading personal space.

Military units and police officers have long joined the use of UAVs to observe the enemy’s positions and control order during mass accumulations of the people. Now, for the ministers of the law, it will be possible not only to carry out a visual fixation of the offense, but also to intervene in what is happening.

The Skunk drone model, created by the South African company Desert Wolf, will become an effective means of struggle against demonstrators and other public violators. The developers equipped the model with four carbon fiber pneumatic markers capable of shooting 20 balls per second with paint or pepper capsules, which is used in civilian and police cans. Skunk can also be equipped with guns that will hit a living target with traumatic plastic balls. The total drill ammunition is up to 4000 shells of various types before the UAV requires reloading. The carrying capacity of the aircraft with eight engines is a solid 45 kg.

A potential buyer is given a choice from various drone modifications, each of which can be applied to individual needs and tasks. For example, for a variation called Mozzy, the main ammunition is no longer balls with paint, but darts with a tranquilizer.

True, as the official representatives of Desert Wolf noted, the firing mode with the maximum permissible pace will be used only in extreme and extremely dangerous situations, because 80 shells flying out per second can become a very formidable and dangerous weapon.



In order to accurately determine an object that does not want to maintain the order established by law, the aircraft is equipped with a device for shooting in an HD resolution and an infrared camera that allows you to duty Skunk even in the dark. Before the beginning «pepper fire» Police officers can warn violators about the consequences and try to pacify them verbally using the loudspeaker installed on the drone. Or after applying for the intended purpose, read their rights to them before arriving at the place of patrol.



Not having time to really establish mass production, the management of Desert Wolf immediately received an order for 25 «police drones». Who exactly will become the owner of the first batch of devices is not known significantly, since the announcement of this kind of information in the press considered the unacceptable in Desert Wolf, hinting only about the client’s belonging to the mining industry. Among the potential customers, security companies from South Africa and even local police units have already been designated.


  • Ars Technica

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