7 tips on choosing a monoblock from Besthard.ru

7 tips on choosing a monoblock from Besthard.ru

Monoblocks are already ready to use computers to which you can connect a mouse, keyboard and other accessories.

The advantages of monoblocks

When choosing monoblocks, you should take into account many factors. However, first about the pluses:

  • lack of wires;
  • takes up little space;
  • can be transferred and put anywhere;
  • is a real workstation;
  • can be used in the form of a tablet;
  • differs in a high clock frequency.

What monoblocks do we have?!

On our site, monoblocks of the Acer series are presented, they are highly performance. Monoblock Lenovo can also be purchased on our site at an attractive price. Its processor is quite powerful. Such a monoblock is perfect for working with documents and on the network.

7 tips on choosing monoblocks!

  • Study the rating of the best modern monoblocks;
  • Choose a processor and a hard drive, depending on the needs;
  • Consider the parameters of the video card, which will affect the quality of the image;
  • the amount of RAM should be at least 2 gigabytes;
  • Explore the set of interfaces that the monoblock model provides;
  • Decide on the diagonal of the screen;
  • Choose the optimal coating of the LCD screen (matte, glossy).

Select the screen size

Today, monoblocks can be a variety of diagonals, the size of the device will depend on the diagonal. On our site there are both small models with a diagonal of 15 inches, and more voluminous with a 27 -inch screen diagonal. The models can be selected different, it all depends on what the monoblock is intended for. If the user likes to watch films of good quality, then it is better to give preference to large models. This will help to enjoy your favorite movie without losing quality.

As for compact models, they have a diagonal of about 15-19 inches. Such models are designed for rare use and to preserve space. Our online store has such monoblocks, for example, MSI PRO 20T 4BW-009RU Monoblock 19.5 “. It has a fairly attractive price and looks great. Medium dimensions have a diagonal of about 19 – 23 inches. This is a kind of golden mean among all existing models. But large monoblocks can have a diagonal of 24 inches. These are also high -performance devices. Optimally such a solution for watching films and games.

Technical specifications

Now a little about technical characteristics. The operation of monoblocks is practically no different from ordinary PCs. But the technical parameters may differ. Their performance will be lower than that of computers that have separate system units. This is affected by the features of the video card, it is built into the block. And due to its limited performance, the quality of graphics when playing modern computer games may decrease.


But the features of the appearance of monoblocks are progressing today. This device has only one wire, which is additional and supplies a supply voltage. Of course, the mouse and the keyboard will still be connected, but they will not take up much space. Such a device has high ergonomic qualities.

The cost of a monoblock

In terms of cost, good monoblocks do not differ too high price. For this they gained their popularity and have already fallen in love with many users. Now each simple layman is able to acquire such a device. Today you can buy a laptop and monoblock for the same amount, only in terms of size will you win the monoblock.

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