70 million-million deliveries GTA V and Mafia III sales speed record

Over the past nine months, Grand Theft Auto V deliveries have increased by 10 million copies. About how many copies were sold, the publishing house is silent. It is known that in the first three days the game brought $ 1 billion, and by May 2014 this figure doubled. One way or another, a fifth of the series is sold much more successful than the previous license plate: in the first five years, Grand Theft Auto IV bought about 25 million times.

The publishing house remained quite starting sales of Mafia III, but the assessments of the game, according to the comments of the General Director Strauss Zelnick, were not as high as the leadership awaited. «Mafia III estimates were lower than we would like, — he said. — But we and our competitors know that the game evaluation system is largely illogical. And yet the game received a huge number of positive feedback, and people buy it — By such indicators, we judge the success of the project». Now the rating of playing Metacritic varies within 62–69 points out of 100 depending on the platform, and the user is 3.2–5.2.

In the reporting period, the company’s pure revenue increased by 21 % and amounted to $ 420.2 million. $ 230.8 million of them was received from the sale of digital goods (in the second quarter of 2016 fiscal year they brought it $ 202.4 million). Net profit decreased to $ 36.4 million, while in the same quarter of last year this figure was $ 54.7 million. It was possible to increase revenue mainly due to sales of the NBA 2K16 basketball simulator (its deliveries also exceeded 4.5 million copies), tactical game with elements of the XCOM 2 strategy and virtual goods for Grand Theft Auto Online.

According to Zelnik, the results of the Take-Two Interactive activity in the second quarter exceeded the expectations of managers. CEO noted that the new three -month period has begun «Wonderful» Thanks to the high sales of Mafia III, the simulator of mixed martial arts WWE 2K17, the Bioshock: The Collection and Sid Meier strategies’s civilization VI (in the first two weeks it was bought about 1 million people). 2018 Fiscal year, as the potions suggests, will also become successful: in the fall of 2017 the calendar year will be released by the Red Dead Redemption 2, which analysts predict 12 million sales.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Bikers

Grand Theft Auto Online: Bikers

In addition, the head noted that the company is glad to cooperate with Nintendo as part of the support of its new Switch console. Take-Two is working on several games for this game system, but their names will be disclosed later.


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