Cell phone Motorola Accompli 388

General characteristics Motorola Accompli 388

Communication standard: GSM 900/1800/1900
Weight: 155 gr.
Dimensions: 98x60x28
Talk time: 4.5 hours
Waiting time: 145 hours
Antenna: External
Battery: Li-Ion 800 MAH
Charging time: 3 hours
Year of issue: 2002

Display Motorola Accompli 388

Type of display: Graphic, 240×320 pixels
Additionally: In the upper, the slot is made so that part of the information is visible when the phone is closed. Touch screen

Sound Motorola Accompli 388

Melodies: 56
Vibration ( +
Silent call: +
Loading melodies: Up to 7 of their melodies
Programming of melodies: +
Loud -speaking connection: +

Call management Motorola Accompli 388

Voice set: Up to 30 rooms
Returning the call: +
Auto -Call: Up to 10 attempts
Conference-blink: Up to 5 shit
Call forwarding: +
Room definition: +

Keyboard Motorola Accompli 388

Backlight: +
Sound indication: +

User interface Motorola Accompli 388

Voice control: +
Custom profiles: 4
Accelerated set of numbers: There is no understanding in the usual
Volume control: +
Additionally: Memory for 20 incoming, outgoing and missing challenges

Organizer Motorola Accompli 388

Watch: +
Alarm: +
Calculator: +
Stopwatch: +
Timer: +
Calendar: +
Notebook: +
Currency Converter: +
Dictaphone: The maximum length of one entry is 180 seconds
Synchronization with PC: +

Safety and accounting Motorola Accompli 388

Warning and restrictions: +
Control of the conversation: +
Information about the cost of the conversation: +
Ball prohibition: +

Data transfer Motorola Accompli 388

SMS: +
EMS: +
GPRS: Class B, 31
WAP: 1.2.1
Built -in modem: +
Communication with PC: RS232

Memory Motorola Accompli 388

Number of records: Limited only by phone memory
Memory: 16MB

Additional features Motorola Accompli 388

Replaceable panels:
Games: 3
Java applications: +
FM receiver:
Mp3 player:
Flash memory:
Digital camera:

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