96% of people are ready to sacrifice salaries for the sake of remote work and their pets

Corporate ideologists and managers have rushed large problems – more and more Western companies are faced with employees’ refusal to return to offices from remote work. As follows from the study by Atomik Research, people are ready to abandon part of the privileges, and even go to reduce wages for the sake of maintaining the opportunity to work remotely. About 40 % claim that they are too accustomed to a comfortable working environment in the company of their pets.

The total number of those who do not want to return to offices reaches 96 %. And it is not difficult to understand them – 88 % of respondents said that they achieved greater efficiency in remote mode. In 82 % of cases, productivity has grown, so people are ready to reduce salaries by 20-30 %, since they can still earn enough at the same cost and time. And this was a significant blow to the myth that coordinated work in the office is the key to the success of a large business – reality sets other priorities.

It will now be much more difficult for employers to hire specialists, because the previous bonuses lose their relevance. So, 38 % of respondents are ready to abandon such an important medical insurance, because with remote work, their level of stress and load on the body decreased by a third. About 33 % are afraid that when returning to the office, their satisfaction with work will drop sharply, so 38 % of people agree to refuse paid leave, if only not to do it.

And 10 % of respondents are even ready to sacrifice all privileges and half the salary, just to stay at home in order to work in an embrace with your favorite cat or dog and not to contact my colleagues and superiors face to face.

Source &#8212 Atomik Research

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