A 4K video recorded using the Canon Cinema Eos 1d C camera appeared on the network

Canon EOS-1D Mirror Camera will be able to record video in 4K resolution. EOSHD resource employees seem to have the opportunity to make a short video using this professional apparatus in the maximum resolution. Although the clip looks quite commonplace and is not amazing, EosHD says Canon succeeded «take a significant step forward regarding the quality of the image compared to all previous mirror cameras».

At the same time, they note that the video frames are not as clear as 1D X photo (1d C — This is, in fact, 1D x with 4K video support) and do not approach the real quality of 4K (under the real quality of 4K, journalists mean Sony F65 Cinealta worth $ 70 thousand). On a 32-gbe card in resolution 4096×2048/24p and the quality of Mjpeg (8 bits 4-2-0) only 8 minutes video is placed — Record in h.264 for resolution 4K is not available.

The video presented by the EOSHD video is reduced to the usual resolution of 1920×1080 for downloading Vimeo resource, but a small passage of recording through Dropbox was also laid out. At the time of writing, access to this file was temporarily blocked by the Dropbox resource due to the influx of those who wish to familiarize themselves with it. Nevertheless, the quality of the prototype of the Canon Cinema Eos 1d C mirror chamber can be judged by the above -randomed pieces of the frame in a scale of 100%:


  • EOSHD.com

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