A 10-fold increase in the bandwidth of optical fiber is proposed

Researchers from the Swiss Higher Technical School Lozannes have developed a methodology that theoretically allows an order of magnitude to increase the throughput of the fiber-optical channels of data transmission.

Information on fiber -optic lines is transmitted in the form of light impulses. One of the factors that negatively affect the throughput is the need to comply with certain intervals between impulses in order to avoid mutual interference. This provides reliable decoding of data on the side of the recipient, but leads to the fact that part of the channel in the transportation of information does not participate.

The method of solving the problem was proposed by Swiss researchers Camille Bres and Luc Thevenaz (Luc Thevenaz). The method is based on the generation of impulses of a special form, thanks to which they can be located almost close to each other. A certain interference in this case is still present, but it does not interfere with the reliable receipt of data.

A simple laser and modulator are involved in the experimental system. Researchers say that theoretically, all the components necessary for the operation of the system can be placed on a small microchip. Since the replacement of the fiber-optic lines themselves is not required, the technology opens a promising way to increase the capacity of the communication channels: the data transfer speed may increase by 10 times.


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