“Face with tears of joy” has become the most popular emoji in the world

Emoji has become one of the main elements of modern digital communication, allowing you to convey emotions without a direct human presence. Smiles have existed for more than 20 years, but have not had widespread until the 2010s, when the mobile operating systems Android and iOS included them in the firmware. There are currently more than 3,000 emoji, but some are much more popular than others. The CrossWord-Solver service has analyzed 9 million tweets with geotags for 2021 to understand which emoji are most often used in every country.

“Face with tears of joy” turned out to be the most beloved emoticon in 75 countries. With a large margin of 19 %, the second place is occupied by Emoji “Red Heart”. In countries where “face with tears of joy” or “red heart” is not in the first place, the emoji flag of this country almost always reigns. Especially many flags in Europe: 19 out of 51 countries, the national flag tweeters more than anything else. Poland is the only country that does not tweak its own, but instead shares the Ukrainian flag in the light of recent events. In Russia, the most popular emoji is “red heart”.

Emoji map

In the United States, a “face with tears of joy” remains a favorite, but three states use their own unique emoticons: Aidaho tweets “folded hands” in the context of expressions of gratitude, Wyoming prefers “smiling face with hearts”, and New Hampshire is “snowflakes”because of weather. Also, five states use “fire”: often in the context of something exciting or sexual, but in particular it is Colorado and Arizona, most susceptible to forest fires. It is interesting that since the end of 2021, a passion for Wordle is flourished on Twitter, and since then, users have been massively divided by green dies denoting a victory in the game.

Emoji’s popularity will only grow, since the world is becoming more and more digital. WhatsApp and Telegram messengers have recently released new quantities of emoticons in the latest versions of applications, and Google launched on the eve of Android 13 from Google supports the Emoji Kitchen, where you can stamp your own emoticons and create their unique combinations.

Emoji map

Source &#8212 CrossWord-Solver

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