A black hole weighing 12 billion suns was found

Black holes — The most formidable and mysterious objects in the space known to us. More recently, another one was discovered, on our happiness, located 12.8 billion light years from Earth. This black hole belongs to the class of ultra -massive, and its mass is approximately 12 billion times higher than the mass of our sun. But the most interesting thing in the new object is not a mass, but its age. Typically, black holes grow as it ages, absorbing the interstellar gas surrounding them, as well as planets, stars and in general any objects, enough «Stupid», to be in the hole capture zone.

Earlier, astronomers have already discovered black holes with similar and even more mass, but they were all much older — «new» amazingly young by the standards of black holes. Since it is located very far, we see it as it was 12.8 billion years ago, that is, only 875 million years after a large explosion. The question of how this black hole managed to grow so quickly to so monstrous size, while it puts scientists at a standstill. The fact is that the age of a new object is not consistent with the theories accepted by the formation and life of black holes currently accepted.

Accretion disk and relativistic stream

Accretion disk and relativistic stream

But rather logical assumptions have already been made. It is possible that the early stars that collapsed into black holes were larger than before. But another option is not excluded: two holes are smaller by dimensions in one super -massive. The new black hole was discovered due to the light emitted by the watercracial disk (Quasar). So far, this quasar is the brightest of the objects found in such an early universe. It is 40 thousand times brighter than our Milky Way.


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