“First Channel “begins the fight against advertising blockers

It is reported that when trying to watch a video on the site 1tv.ru from devices using Internet advertising blocking means, users will see a warning: «When blocking the advertising show, the player can work with errors». At the same time, the quality of reproducible video materials will decrease.

Representative «Channel One» reported «Vedomosti», that the new mechanism also works when viewing channel videos that are legally spread outside its site. The introduction of this tool is explained by the fact that due to the locks, the revenue from the demonstration of Internet advertising was reduced by a quarter.

True, it should be noted that the 3Dnews correspondent has to try to play video on the site «Channel One» With the help of one of the popular browsers with an activated blocking of advertising, no problems did not arise. The above notification was also not displayed.

One way or another, but advertising locksmen cause more and more dissatisfaction from the media. Some sites simply refuse to display content until the user permissions the advertising demonstration.


  • Vedomosti

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