A cartoon survival simulator Dyscourse was published in Steam

A project, the money for the development of which was successfully raised in the collective financing system Kickstarter (the authors asked $ 40 thousand. and received a little more than $ 44 thousand.), became available on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Digital copy will cost you 349 rubles., And if you want to get a special edition, which includes an album with illustrations, a soundtrack, desktop wallpaper and a video about development, you will have to lay out a little more — 449 rub.

DYSCOURSE — This is an adventure thriller, whose events unfold at the crash site of the passenger liner. The plane fell on the tropical island, and now you will have to play for a certain Rita. Young woman — A graduate of the School of Arts who became a coffee shop worker. Now she is responsible for herself and several of the same survivors. «Your every decision will affect the chances of surviving: will you be able to settle down in the new conditions or go along the terrible path of murders and cannibalism?» — Developers ask. According to them, in Dyscourse there are many stories and elections affecting the development of the plot: «In total, you will find the text for 120 thousand words and an exciting story».


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