A brothel served by robotic dolls will appear in England

Only a few years ago, it was hardly possible for anyone to think that the revolution in the field of robotics would “burst” into the sphere of intimate services. However, in February in Barcelona, Lumidolls has already opened the first public house in Europe, where the relevant services provide robotic dolls, and already in the foreseeable future a similar institution may appear in the UK.

The appearance of an unusual brothel in one of the busy quarters of Barcelona caused a sharply negative reaction of local priestesses of love, as a result of which the new institution was forced to go to an illegal position. Today, only verified and quite wealthy customers can get its address.


The cost of services is as follows: a half -hour session in the company of one of the four “dolls” will cost $ 86. For an hour you will have to fall off $ 106.

The dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer and endowed with individual attractiveness. Their cost varies from 4373 to 5605 dollars. After the next session, the dolls are appropriately disinfected. According to Lumidolls spokeswoman, customers will be able to realize any fantasies with their “girls” that they would never dare to ordinary women.

In an interview with the Daily Star Online, the company representative said Lumidolls is engaged in active franchising promotion not only in the UK, but also in other European countries.

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