How to disable ads on YouTube?

No extensions are required.

Many YouTube viewers can’t afford a Premium subscription but don’t want to watch ad-supported videos. You can remove it using services like AdBlock, but they are not always convenient to use. For example, on weak computers, they overload the memory, and the browser becomes slower and more inconvenient. Reddit user unicorn4sale came up with a much simpler solution that does not require complex manipulations.

To do this, just add a dot in the address bar after .com (not at the end of the line, but before /). Press “Enter” to reload the page. After that, most commercials (and in some cases all of them) will simply not be able to load, and you will instantly return to watching the video.

The author noted that this method deprives authors of the opportunity to monetize their work, so it is better not to abuse this method – at least when watching videos from channels that you want to support.


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