A car that does not need a driver (video)

The idea of a car that is able to move without a driver involves the installation of many sensors, the data from which will process the on -board computer. Then this computer gives commands to control mechanisms, and the machine turns into a robotic system, which does not require the mediation of the driver. A team of researchers from the Braunschweig Technical University (Germany), who equipped the tested machines with the GPS system, laser sensors and other sensors that allow them to navigate on the road. And now it became known that they work on similar developments in the Google Corporation, which secretly tested seven robots cars. It is reported that thanks to a special programmable solution, these machines are able to move along ordinary streets with high-speed restrictions, pour into the traffic on the highway, dwell on red light and stop-signals and automatically respond to arising dangers. At the same time, each of the seven tested cars rolled without the participation of the driver already 1000 miles, however, the appearance of such cars in the market is still a very dubious prospect.

Source: Nytimes / Tu-Braunschweig

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