A collision with asteroid 2013 tx68 will not occur

Still fresh in the memory of the inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk region events of two years ago. Then at about 9:30 in the morning of February 15, at an altitude of more than 20 km, the uninvited space guest superbolid exploded. Fortunately, everything was limited to a bright flash, roar and many knocked out glasses. And it could be much worse. Later, experts appreciated the force of the explosion from 100 to 200 kt.

It is not surprising the attention that the new alien from other worlds was awarded —Object 2013 TX68. Our orbits could cross in four weeks – March 5. Preliminary observations showed that the size of the asteroid approximately corresponds to his Chelyabinsk predecessor, and the new meeting with the Earth does not promise both sides to both sides.

To universal joy, encouraging news came from employees of the Institute of Applied Mathematics to them. M. IN. Keldysh: the meeting will not take place, because our paths will disperse at a very safe distance —from 16,000 to 500,000 km. As the representative of the institute Leonid Elenin said, more accurate information can be obtained no earlier than March 3-4.

Chelyabinsk meteoriteChelyabinsk meteorite

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