A competitive mode was added to the beta version of Overwatch

This regime will allow users to earn ranks for a month until the new season comes, when it will be necessary to climb the virtual staircase. Those who have reached 25 and above can take part in it, — This is done in order to protect newcomers from him. According to developers, the competitive mode is designed for players familiar with cards and characters Overwatch.

There are five main ranks in this mode, each of which, in addition, has five more divisions. It is impossible to lose progress on the first rank, but the latter is similar «Legendary» In Hearthstone — The most experienced and skillful users play against each other. Blizzard warns that not all conceived opportunities are implemented in beta versions, and the competitive mode is planned to be made on the release «Even more attractive».

Among other changes that appeared with the update, there are new awards for progress (they were the legendary forms of characters) and new methods of punishing players, too often prematurely leaving matches. Over time, such users will receive a warning from Blizzard, and if they do not stop hooligan after that, they will reduce the experience gained for matches.

The full version of Overwatch will be released on May 24 this year. Open «beta» starts on May 5 (or May 3 for pre -orders) on all platforms.


  • Gamespot

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