A computer in the processor coaller case (photo)

At first glance, it may seem that the photo has an ordinary cooler for processors with an excessively bulky fan mount. In fact, this is a cooler with a built-in mini-p. On the opposite side of the plates there is a board in the Nano-ITX format with the AMD E-350 chip (recall that the chip is equipped with two Bobcat 1.6 GHz nuclei, the Radeon HD 6310 graphic processor, DDR 3 and DirectX 11 memory support). HDMI, USB 3 outputs are located on the lower face of the board.0, usb 2.0, Ethernet and, it seems, E-SATA. This location can hardly be called convenient, and the effectiveness of the cooler clearly does not benefit from an additional fee that covers the path of air flow. The price and plans for the distribution of new items are not called.

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