“Found” white iPhone 4 (3 photos)

Several spy photographs of the IPhone 4 communicator 4 appeared on the Web. This smartphone was supposed to go along with the black model, but still its release has not taken place. Apple does not explain the reason for the delay, but it is assumed that this is due to the problem of selecting the required shade of white color. According to the Pocket-Lint resource, the source of exclusive photos, one of these super-deficient devices was seen in the hands of its owner in the elevator during a press conference in New York. The mysterious user of the White iPhone 4 agreed to answer a couple of questions about his rare communicator and why it is still not for sale. According to him, Apple is really dissatisfied with the white color of the device case. Only this time the color of the central button under the display does not correspond to the color of the front panel. The company is not ready to present such an imperfect product to the public and is still modifying it.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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