A designed interface for smart watches without the need to poke a finger at the screen

Even the first model of the wrist gadget was not on sale, and the developers have already dreamed of how to take away the touch screen from it. Too small for such a format and creates more problems than it brings benefits, but how to control the mini-computer on the wrist? One of the concepts —Watchsense technology has already successfully passed laboratory tests.

The main goal —Take a sensitive touch block outside the clock. Firstly, in order not to obscure the picture on the screen with your own fingers, and secondly, because there are more space around the a priori and you do not need to pile up virtual buttons on each other. There are no them in Watchsense at all, but there are a grid of coordinates for moving their fingers on them. And she is three -dimensional.


The control principle is based on the use of a 3D-sensor of depth, which is attached to the wrist of one hand. The second fingers move relative to him and form in gestures, which the system recognizes. There is a grid of coordinates, there is a position of a pointing check – to interpret this as a specific team, already a matter of technology. Watchsense developers with an elegant gesture have repeatedly increased the space for entering commands, deftly “curing” a child’s disease of smart watches.

So far, the Watchsense device operates on its own and it needs to be connected to the target receiver of the signal separately. The technology allows you to easily copy the entire spectrum of commands used in Android versions of wrist gadgets. And go further, adding the interface elements for augmented reality systems, which will become a colossal back for the future. And the integration of the sensor in the smart watch itself is only a matter of investment and time.

Source &#8212 Saarland University

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