A detailed study showed – DNA -based diets do not work

As studies showed, widely advertised “personal” diets based on DNA were no better than ordinary diets. At one time they were actively promoted by Dnafit and Helix. For only $ 100, they proposed to do DNA analysis, which supposedly will show which diet is most suitable for a specific person.

Everything placed in its places the study of scientists from Stanford, the results of which were published in the journal of the American Medical Association. The study was attended by 609 volunteers with overweight. He was assigned one of two diets, in accordance with the result of the analysis of their DNA – with a low content of either fat or carbohydrates.

Both groups of subjects conscientiously observed the diet during the year, which affected their weight: on average, the participants of the “fat” group lost 5.3 kg, and “carbohydrates” —5.9 kg. Obviously, we are talking about the difference at the level of statistical error. Genetic analysis did not give anything: all participants in the experiment are loudly the same.

However, do not completely give up the DNA diet. Probably, scientists have not yet fully found out the facts about the influence of the environment on our genes. In the future, everything can change as the nature of the human genome is studying. In the meantime – advice, time -tested: eat less and move more.

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